James is 28 and lives in London, UK, with his wife Isabelle. Alongside pushing himself in ultra endurance bicycle races, he is studying towards a degree in Civil Engineering at Brunel University.



Since a young age I have tried my hand at most things going.  Some people would have say I lacked commitment, but simply I have always been searching for the one thing I can be great at, the thing worth sinking my life’s energy into, sacrificing my time and my body towards.

Both of the earliest memories I have with a bicycle involve self-inflicted pain.  The first, going over the handlebars and hitting myself in the face during the process, I’m pretty sure I was still on stabilisers here!  The second, going down a grass track (perhaps a little fast) sliding out the front wheel and heading head first into a ditch of nettles.  I actually did the same thing again a few years later but on a quad-bike, not really sure I learnt the lesson.  I spent quite a few years riding dirt jump at Chicksands and have a few concussions to my name.  I broke my leg completely in a skiing accident and have fractured ribs snowboarding.  It may seem as though I’m accident prone, however you’ll find I simply don’t understand the meaning of the word limits and sense  I push myself beyond, stretching and extending the tightrope of my ability and pushing my body and mine to new places.

Since taking up road racing in 2013 with Catford CC Banks at the upper echelons in the UK, memories include, but are not limited too, breaking every bone in the right side of my face, fracturing my pelvis and arms, sprained and smashed ankles, patella tendentious.  My body is now a historical timeline of scars, with a few victories to my name.

In 2015 I moved away from road racing and into unsupported long distance bicycle racing, covering huge distances alone in a first one there wins fashion, having gone from strength to strength as I learn and grow.  I’ve taken my bike riding back to the basics and the essence of why I started, the need to explore and push my best.  I’ve had a sense of adventure and desire to explore since a young age, when living in Budapest aged 9, I persuaded but honestly more forced my then friend to sneak out and ride our bikes across the city.  Luckily I’ve always had a 6th sense for directions! Other the past few years I’ve learnt the true meaning of tenacity, after 2 failed attempts I now hold back to back wins in The Transcontinental Race, considered by some to be the leading unsupported bicycle race.

When I step outside of my comfort zone, I feel alive.