To the young, and to the ‘professionals’

I was lucky in some sense, I came to cycling age 21. I’d been there, and got a lot of T-Shirts in other parts of life, I was no saint and I made mistakes. But I was fortunate that I joined cycling with my moral lessons already learned, and my head screwed firmly on.

It saddens me, to think about the young guys and girls growing up into this sport, trying to break through to the next level. The distinct lack of professionalism from professionals is doing more than hurting the image, it’s hurting the young people, who aren’t equipped to make solid moral decisions. It’s all too easy to see what the small number ‘professionals’ are or have been doing and think it’s okay. It’s not and never will be. There is no justification, only weak excuse.

Professionals have a duty, as do we all, to the young people, the vulnerable. We need to speak up, they need to speak up. Certain people out there really should have spoken up, loud and clear. Denounced those who’ve wronged clearly and done more. If not for themselves, or for those around them, for the young kids getting into the sport, believing the justification that it’s okay becasue ‘he or she does it’. Some have spoken up, and respect to them.

I do belive cycling is mostly clean now. But cycling is still morally grey (as we’ve seen) and very much in the shadows. And until pro cyclists really start speaking up and speaking out against others, as the role models they are, the young will suffer. Like it or not, you are a role model and need to honour that, with the respect it deserves.

So if there are any young people coming into the sport and trying to step up, thinking it’s okay to cross the line, to reach ‘the dream’. It’s not. Please don’t do it, be the best you can be, yourself, or walk away and find something else fulfilling. But stepping over the line to get to your dream is pointless, any success from that point on is hollow and worthless. The dream will become a nightmare.

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