A Million Pounds. Could you?

I am an avid reader of self help books (said with some humour!), but I really do work to improve all aspects of myself.  I came across an idea in Steve Peters ‘Chimp Paradox’ the other day, ‘the Million Pound Question’.

The question is along the lines, if you have a task to complete, however for whatever reason you’re not getting it done.  If someone were to come along offer you 1 million pounds to get the task done by the end of the day, could you?  Clearly a lot of the time the answer is yes and you’re just being lazy!

This theory/question is something I’ve used for a long time when training.  When an effort or ride is getting hard, or I look out the window and it’s raining for the 3rd day in a row.  I ask myself, if I were giving x amount of money or food when I get back, would I go train today?  If I were offered x amount of money can I complete the rest of my effort and not quit as it gets hard?    I happen to quite like money, I’d be a millionaire several times over if it were real!

Some people just can just dig deeper than others, some have more grit, some can really just turn themselves inside out, Michael Hutchinson wrote a chapter in his book Faster on this, how those who really rise to the top can and will just train harder.  However, everyone can ask themselves the question, if I were offered X, could I finish/complete the task?  If the answers yes, it’s then up to you to get it done.

Train hard people!