The bike

I as much as anyone love to see what people are riding and hear about the details they’ve chosen.  I thought I would do a little run down of my bike and where it’s at.  I’ve spent hours testing everything to near destruction.





People with eagle eyes will notice some possibly odd choices.  I ride a powermeter, from my racing background I know a powermeter is the only way to train effectively.  How I train is a whole different post, as it’s not just riding all day every day. I team this up with a Garmin.  I still debate my navigation choice, so this may change.  Not the brand but the models I sue.

The second striking thing might be my custom frame bag.  I got a custom bag made, it gives me huge amounts of space and also I can fit a hydration bladder, taking for 2.5 to 4L depending on need. It gives easy access to my food, clothing and electronics.

Electronic gears and hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Ultegra.  Both are completely fit for purpose.  Hydraulic brakes automatically adjust the pads so you don’t need to worry, great after wet alpine descents.  Di2 is just smooth, effortless and great with tired hands, it also allows me to run shifters on the end of the tri bars very easily.

The frame is a Focus Cayo disc.  The geometry of this frame for me is perfect and it’s a brilliant frame.

From here, I run a dynamo built onto Hed Belgium rims, this powers my USB charger and supernova e3 triple front light.  An ISM saddle keeps me comfy mile after mile after hundreds of miles.

The bicycle here as pictured is packed up for a 3 week trip.  Not a 9 day race.  So the rear saddle bag is brimmed and my eVent bivi hangs under the tri bars.

Since March I’ve put 7000 miles on this bike.  It’s not let me down once.