Getting faster; RST Coaching

So, I’ve know that I am missing out on some of the potential I have, by not having professional coaching. In light of this, I’ve decided for 2017 I needed help to reach my best. Every year I want to improve, I now feel I cannot do this myself and I need expertise. With this aim, I approached Ric Stern at RST Coaching. I approached Ric as I feel he has the ability to take me to another level, Ric is a smart guy, and one of few I’d trust with my legs.

Therefore, I am really excited to announce that for 2017, one of the big changes I am implementing to get faster is working with Ric. I am fairly lucky with my genetics being semi-decent and from the mediocre training I’ve done being reasonably strong, but I know that Ric will take me to another level. With my mixed abilities and main focus on Transcontinental 2017, the training I’ll be doing is pretty hard and varied. I am really excited about the months ahead, the hard training and the improvement we will look for.

If you interested in finding out a bit more about RST, their coaching and Ric;

Ric Stern

Tel: 07734 105960