The desire for cross-continent racing, why?

So why do it? It’s tough, it hurts, it’s seemingly never ending, especially those headwind days. It’s not for the glitz, glam or money.  Thankfully the brain is programmed to forget the pain and only remember the good times. Theres this pig farm that I pass on my new commute to university, and the smell of the manure always takes me back to an early morning scene in Bosnia, from Transcontinental 2015, every commute I re visit that memory and every time I remember the journey I made.

It’s about the beautiful simple journey. Experiencing and visiting places I’ve never been. I love to explore and visit the new, and the bicycle is the perfect tool to taste the whole experience, it’s pure and honest. Touring is great, I went touring a few times before I got into ultra racing. It wasn’t much different, I’d ride as far as I could each day, as hard as I could, and keep going until I couldn’t take any more. The first time I had to call my parents and borrow money to get a train from the south of France home, because I’d destroyed my knees. Touring for me was never about cafe stops or long lunches, it was about pushing myself as far as I could, to see as many new places as I could, to taste as many new experiences as I could. It was therefore only natural to want to go to the next level and race, for I am a racer. It’s not really about winning or losing, it’s about going to new places, on my bicycle and pushing my self to find what I am made of. The memories of the journeys I’ve made will last with me forever, and there are many more journeys to make.

That said, I am a racer at heart, and I love to race!


One of the places I’ve been, the observatory atop Mont Agioual.