Fairlight Cycles Announcement

I first approached Fairlight back in 2014; I’d just failed to finish the Transcontinental Race No3 (TCR) as I had chosen to scratch from the race in Podgorica, Montenegro. I had pushed my body beyond it’s limit and my neck muscles had given in to Shermer’s neck. When I returned home from TCR my original bike had broken, perhaps from the race, perhaps the travel, but I certainly needed a new one. I got on the phone and started calling around some bicycle brands in London. I called Swift Cycles who are based in Liverpool Street. Jon the owner picked up the phone, we chatted about the races that I do and the type of bicycle I need to get me through it and immediately he was interested. He then introduced me to Dom from Fairlight; he’s the brains behind the structural design of the bicycles. This was the start of a great 3-year partnership, in which I and Fairlight grew immensely, together. Fairlight went from strength to strength each year – they brought out new bikes, to industry acclaim and I am honoured to have been able to ride and test these designs. I went on to win back to back Transcontinental Races on the Fairlight Strael, a brilliant bike, designed by Dom.

When few people believed in me and my ability as an ultra-endurance racer, Dom and Jon stood tall and backed me. I will be forever grateful for their belief and support – enabling me to succeed. Fairlight and Jon’s shop Swift cycles have been amazing in supporting me with all my technical needs, which can be quite demanding! I am so thankful to Jon and all of the team at Swift Cycles for their continued can do attitude – giving me the confidence to focus on racing.

I am happy to be leaving Fairlight on such a high, having just returned from the Italy Divide where I powered the Secan to a joint 1st place with Sofiane Seihill. The Secan endured knee-deep mud and snow and still just kept on going!

I wish Dom, Jon and Fairlight all the best in the future, I am sure they will thrive.

James racing the Fairlight Secan at Dirty Reiver 2019

Fairlight Strael 2.0: The bike that won Transcontinental Race, twice.

Fairlight Secan: The bike that finished joint 1st at the Italy Divide 2019