Racing Silk Road Mountain Race

It is with great excitement to announce I will be racing the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan on August 17th.

The race has been on my radar since it’s inception, and I enjoyed attending the London post race evening event. The idea of entering has flirted in my mind since.

It will come as a little surprise to many that I will be racing Silk Road. I have spent my year thus far racing off road in preparation. From dealing with snow at Italy Divide, to river crossings and hard terrain in Scotland. I have been working hard to get the experience and skills I need. I will start Silk Road Mountain Race feeling good, with the sole aim to finish. Anything beyond this will be a great success.

I look forward to bringing you more details on my kit, setup and partners in due course.

Watch the video from the 2018 Silk Road Mountain Race