Riding an hour all out is the only way

So having an internal debate on what complexity of efforts I should do in training on Saturday.  The 2×20? the 3×20? The 8×12? The yaddaXyadda? I decided to throw caution to the wind and ride a 25mile time trial.  Convenient a valid way to affirm my threshold power.

I made enquiries as to local time trials on, found one just down the road from me (how convenient).  After a brief discussion with the organiser I managed to secure a last minutes entry.  A bribe of extra rations of dark chocolate was involved, and the organiser was keen to accept!

Those who’ve ridden time trials, will be all to familiar with the vague instructions for headquarters and courses.   This was no exception and after some difficulty finding the start of the aptly named H3LL (25) course, with typical vague instructions from organiser;  past where the pot hole used to be, but before the big drain you’ll see the new pothole, after the new pothole it’s the 2nd layby, if you see people urinating you’re probably at the wrong layby.  Anyway, failing to find the correct start layby, I took my chances, risked a last minute lucky urination and set off from piss layby.  The course instructions were just as vague.  Set off from layby, go around big roundabout taking first large exit, continue to small roundabout and take 3rd exit before last, head back to large roundabout and continue riding circles between roundabouts until your garmin says 25miles.

Starting far too slow, I remember after a mile that I was meant to be racing, I turned things up and pushed the pedals harder, almost immediately I imploded and had to accept that in-fact, slow was actually as fast as I could go!  It then started raining heavily.

For a further 24 miles, I continued at my fastest slow pace, suffering around in almost 1h dead!  (See excuses at bottom)

Upon making my way to the finish HQ, the layby right after 25miles, I found I’d not only won the event (the organiser didn’t get any other entries) but set a course record!  The organiser had forgotten to bring the winning prize of chocolate, instead suggested I do 2 hours of circles around the countryside, I shall complain!

On checking my power file, I was pleased to see I’d managed to average the power I’d guessed my FTP was, to the exact WATT!  Making the whole ride pointless and I may as well have sat on the sofa eating said chocolate.



Photo credit to organiser

In sincerity, if you want to know you’re threshold.  Don’t mess about, just go ride an hour full out.  Anything else is not your threshold, it’s whatever it is.


It was raining

I rode to the start

I didn’t warm up properly

I went out too hard

I wasn’t feeling right

I am fat (on purpose okay)

I am not targeting 25s

I wasn’t even trying